TV personality Cita Revilla-Yabut is relieved that she had herself checked at the Asian Stem Cell Institute (ASCI) mainly because after one of her laboratory test, it was discovered that she had “cancer markers” in her blood.

“My cancer markers levels are actually low. Still, I am glad that I am able to monitor them, so I can track my health in order to prevent cancer in the future.” Said Cita.

Two other conditions that Cita were concerned about was the chronic hoarseness of her voice, and her difficulty in maintaining her weight.

No two infusions are ever the same at ASCI. A longtime patron, Rose has her customized Nutritional IV infusions designed by the founder and Medical Director herself, Dr. Cristina Puyat, MD. Rose’s vibrancy, energy, health, and good nature are a testament in itself to their effectiveness.

The Nutritional Vitamin IV infusion’s composition are determined by assessing the patient’s laboratory results and via the information gathered from a thorough history. Age, stress, environmental toxins, processed foods and sugars, reduce the body’s ability to absorbs vitamins and nutrients.

It’s rather difficult for people to tell Rose Ferro’s age nowadays, Part of it could be her personality –she’s gentle, calm, soft-spoken, and with a disposition that generates positive vibes. According to her, however, her youthful looks are a result of the regular vitamin infusions she gets from ASCI –Asian Stem Cell Institute.

She didn’t have health conditions or an illness that prompted her to take vitamin infusion therapy, but she had begun seeing and feeling signs of aging, so she looked for a way to regain her health and youthfulness.

It’s easy to think that athletes, because they are paid to be in the top physical shape, are always at the best of their health. This is not always the case as long seasons, high stress, and enduring practices can cause them to suffer illness, get traumatic injuries, or be sidelined by exhaustion and fatigue.

For Filipino professional basketball player J.C. Intal, known as a forward and shooting guard for the Barako Bulls Energy Cola team of the Philippine Basketball Association, being at the best of health is a priority because of the tough training and physical demands involved in his profession.

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