We offer fresh and stunning flower arrangements for your graduation events. Our vibrant and beautiful flowerarrangements come with free flower delivery to the Philippines. Ordering is fast and efficient via our onlineflower shops in Makati.

That’s why this Graduation, choose from a wide variety of flower arrangements orderable online.

Graduation is one of the happiest days in every student’s life. May it be College, high school or elementary. All of these are occasions worthy of a celebration. Here in flower shops in Makati we can make that very special graduation day even more exceptional. Choose from a wide variety of Graduation Flower Arrangements that could be delivered free in Makati and metro manila areas.

Our graduation flower arrangements are light on the budget. Plus, It includes a wide variety of add ons such asballoons, stuffed toys, cakes and chocolates. We have Ferrero Rocher Chocolates . Heart shaped, 5 pcs, 16 pcs and 24 pcs as add ons. Our balloons can convey or contain a message such as “congratulations”! Ourstuffed toys are available in different cute and colorful forms. You can choose from bears, dogs and puppies. Ourbouquet of flowers could consists of fresh and lovely Carnations, Spray Carnations, Tulips, Lilies, Yelloween Lily, Lisianthus, colorful Mixed Flower, Sun Flowers, Gerberas ,Roses, Bangkok Rose, KoreanRoses, Imported Ecuadorian Roses, Long Stemmed Roses, Button Mums, Gerbera, Casablanca lily and stargazer lily. Yes, we do have a wide selection and all easily available online.



Cookie’s Peanut Butter is made after the man who developed it, Cookie Yatco. Cookie’s Peanut Butter is proudly made in the amazing city of Binan, Laguna Philippines. Hometown of the man who developed its delicious recipe, again Cookie Yatco. Cookie’s Peanut Butter is initially a homemade product that Joy Abalos-Yatco prepares in her own kitchen as a special gift to family and close friends especially during the holidays. The brand is an instant hit amongst family and friends that Joy and her husband, Cookie Yatco decided to distribute the product commercially in order to share it to mainstream consumers and to provide long-term jobs to a lot of people.

Cookie’s Peanut Butter is made of all-natural ingredients with absolutely no preservatives, Currently, the brand’s flagship products include Cookie’s Peanut Butter, Cookie’s Cashew Butter, and Cookie’s Peanut Butter Pangluto as well as Mani Ni Cookie and Kasuy Ni Cookie.

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Ketoliving PH, a keto diet menu delivery service, is one of the most known local diet deliveries today because its awesome and delicious. Most keto starters and even pros have subscribed to Ketoliving’s service and have seen significant results both physically and mentally. Don't take it from us, hear it from our customers and loose weight today.

There is an increasing number of food delivery services that are able to reinvent healthy dishes and make them more appetizing, while still keeping its promise of helping you reach your weight or fitness goals. It is important to note though that consulting a doctor or nutritionist first before starting such diet or even any diet is important especially if you are dealing with pre-existing health conditions or any major health concern.


Ketoliving PH, a keto meal delivery service, is one of the most known local diet deliveries today. Most ket starters and even pros have subscribed to Ketoliving’s service and have seen significant results both physically and mentally.


Founded in July 2017, Ketoliving PH started with only a handful of employees. With its ever-growing list of customers, the team has now expanded to about forty people, with about 20 riders who deliver orders usually between 7pm to 11pm the night before consumption day. Also a part of their team is a personal chef who makes sure that they only serve quality keto meals.

May activate stunned parts of the brain to restore function like stroke, CP, or trauma. Good for Diabetics and HBOT relieves pain, helps fight infection, and keeps threatened tissues alive.

Enjoy the benefits

1.Stimulates growth of new blood vessels to locations with reduced circulation, including areas of arterial blockage;
2.Aids treatment of infection by enhancing white blood cell action;
3.Aids in treatment of chronic degenerative health problems related to atherosclerosis, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, diabetic ulcers, wound healing, preparation for skin grafting, cerebral palsy, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, delayed radiation injury, macular degeneration, decompression sickness (commonly known as “the bends”), air embolism, and other rare infections and poisonings;
4. Any area where blood flow and oxygen delivery to vital organs is reduced, function and healing can be aided. When the brain is injured by stroke, CP, or trauma, HBOT may activate stunned parts of the brain to restore function;
5. Results can be dramatic, especially in patients with cerebral vascular disease who commonly recover from complications of stroke more readily after HBOT. This is also true for potentially gangrenous legs and feet caused by blocked circulation—especially in diabetics—and slow-healing diabetic ulcers; HBOT relieves pain, helps fight infection, and keeps threatened tissues alive.

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