This launch of Dr. Puyat’s Asian Stem Cell Institute helps her celebrate not only her birthday, but the field of anti-aging medicine as well, in that it is where she has gladly found her calling, and according to her, it is a one of the fields in medicine that holds the most exciting possibilities, including her expertise in cellular therapy.

Cellular therapy, besides bone marrow transplantation following irradiation for bone cancers, which has been around for over 50 years, is a fairly new tool in medical science. It is surely destined to become the primary tool used to treat illness and disease in medicine.

Essentially, regenerative medicine is the process of replacing and regenerating cells or organs to restore them to health. It is a treatment process that utilizes the tools of molecular biology to create therapies that address a patient’s specific condition at the cellular level.

“Preventive and anti-aging medicine, I believe, is the direction that Medical Science will go towards, eventually. As the knowledge and the science improve overtime, we will have more true cures using technological advances that will address a wider variety of conditions and illnesses.

“Stem cell therapy is just one of the many types of cellular therapy that preventive and anti-aging medicine uses. It has received a lot of hype because so many celebrities have been reported in the media as having had some form of treatment, whether autologous or not.”

“In reality, in preventive and anti-aging medicine. We use a wide range of other forms of treatments: from PRP injections for sports injuries to nutritional and vitamin infusions for health and cancer prevention, to supplements and nutraceuticals, to bio-identical hormone balancing to HyperbaricOxygen Therapy, and many others,” she explained.

Another characteristic of preventive and anti-aging medicine is that there is no standard approach to all patients. “Every patient has a unique individual physiology and biochemistry, depending on age, gender, and genetic predisposition, so I custom-compound many of my therapies for each patient’s specific need-whether it’s an herbal tincture or a multi-formula approach where I encapsulate many herbs and nutrients, it’s all made to tailor-fit to a specific patient’s particular condition.”

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