While anti-aging medicine does not literally turn back the clock for patients who are advancing, or are already advanced in age, it can reduce or even eliminate, in some cases, symptoms of aging that are causing deterioration and distress in a patient.

The generally accepted notion that all of us who advance in age should expect illnesses and conditions that limit our enjoyment of life is wrong, according to Dr. Puyat.  “Now that cellular, preventive, and anti-aging therapies are available, advancing age is no longer a hindrance to good health and a full of life,” she says.

For example, there are elderly patients who find it difficult to walk, who have a reduced appetite, general loss of energy, or who have cognitive difficulties like Alzheimer’s. Anti-Aging medicine can help reduce or eliminate some of these symptoms.

“We should remember, however, that each individual patient will require a different sets of treatments, and his or her response to those treatments will also vary. In general, our patients are very satisfied with the results of their anti-aging therapies,” she said.

Dr. Puyat’s fiftieth birthday and the launch of her clinic portend good things for patients, both locally and from abroad, who are seeking ways to prevent disease, achieve good health, and add not only years but a better quality to their life. It’s no longer enough to say “50 is the new 30” because with preventive  and anti-aging medicine, each decade of life is something we can all look forward to and enjoy.

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