The Balmorises are both in their early 80s and their main complains were pains throughout their bodies. Besides these pains, they also had pre-existing health problems. Mr. Balmoris is a non-insulin dependent diabetic that is under control. His greatest difficulty was pain in his knees which prevented him from kneeling in church.

Mrs. Balmoris, on the other hand, had elevated blood pressure and cholesterol. What her family wanted addressed most, however, were not only her pains in her hips, back and legs, but her mentation as well.

Due to their advanced age as well as their pre-existing health conditions,

the family elected not to subject them to the conventional route, and opted-out of a speculative surgical solution.

Under the family’s guidance, the Balmorises consulted with Cristina A. Puyat MD. Medical Director at ASCI –Asian Stem Cell Institute, to find out if stem cell therapy could benefit them. After a thorough consultation, physical and evaluation, they were deemed good candidates for stem cell treatment.

“Initially, in the first two weeks, all the pains my parents felt went away. My dad was able to kneel during mass. His fasting sugar level also went down. My mom was walking faster than she used to, and with no more body pains. Her blood pressure level also improved.”

“Before stem cell therapy, walking was painful for both of them. Their energy level was low. Two weeks after the therapy, they were both upbeat about the results. Most of their pains were relieved..” and “my dad was able to resume his Exercise routine,” said their daughter Eloi.

After about a month, some of the pains came back. These pains were minor compared to what they felt before, but they made her parents more vigilant about overdoing their activity level. The Balmorises are presently undergoing maintenance treatments at ASCI to get rid of their remaining symptoms.

According to Dr. Puyat and her orthopedic surgeons at ASCI, the likely source of the minor pains that the Balmorises experienced—two weeks after their stem cell therapy—was muscular.

“Prior to therapy, the Balmorises were not having enough physical activity and so they lost muscle mass and their muscles weakened. After the therapy, they became more active as their energy levels were boosted. Their muscles, however, are still not used to the increased activity level.”

“In other words, their muscles still need to regain more mass and strength to support their increased activity level. This will not happen overnight. In the meantime, some pain in the muscles is normal as the muscles adjust,” Dr. Puyat explains

According to Eloi Balmoris, she and her parents are satisfied with the results of their treatment at the Asian Stem Cell Institute

“We’re very happy with having decided to get the stem cell therapy with them. Dr. Cri Puyat is very patient and caring.  The entire medical staff is very helpful, accommodating and sensitive to the needs of my parents. They treated us as a family and for that we are very thankful, “ she said.

Dr.Cristina Puyat, MD., founder and Medical Director of Asian Stem Cell Institute (ASCI), explains that while the autologous stem cells administered to Mr. and Mrs. Balmoris were infused thorough an IV infusion for general wellness, Mr. Balmoris needed his additional stem cells to be directed towards his areas of pain. With these localized injection, explains Dr. Puyat and her team –Mr. Balmoris’s stem cell were injected inside the joint capsule itself. According to Dr. Puyat “We identified that the problems of Mr. Balmoris were localized in the joints –so we placed his stem cells directly at the site of his injury.” Dr. Puyat, along with her orthopedic surgeons, utilized simple anatomical landmarks to guide them in their treatment on this patient, but can and will use ultrasound for structures that are not so easily palpable.

Mrs. Balmoris on the other hand, needed a divergent approach to her stem cell therapy. With her chief complaint of memory lapses and poor balance, she was also battered by weak knees and hips. Dr. Puyat remedied the situation by administering her Autologous Stem Cell both intra-articularly for her knees and as an intra nasal spray, preceded with an enzyme to open-up the cribiform plate. Explains Dr. Puyat, Her stem cells were sent to the roof of her nose painlessly… Studies show that her stem cells will then migrate into the nasal bulb, directly entering the Central Nervous System (CNS), “bypassing the Blood Brain Barrier” (BBB). An additional measure taken to address her neurological complaints, was another direct infusion to bypass the BBB using a lumbar puncture.

ASCI and its team of surgeons clarifies that once the knee joints are healed, the couple will be able to walk longer distances for a longer period of time. In doing so, the muscles around the legs and knees will begin to regrow and strengthen, naturally causing them some muscle pain (where before it was just joint pain). With time and continued exercise, this natural muscle pain will go away.

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