It’s easy to think that athletes, because they are paid to be in the top physical shape, are always at the best of their health. This is not always the case as long seasons, high stress, and enduring practices can cause them to suffer illness, get traumatic injuries, or be sidelined by exhaustion and fatigue.

For Filipino professional basketball player J.C. Intal, known as a forward and shooting guard for the Barako Bulls Energy Cola team of the Philippine Basketball Association, being at the best of health is a priority because of the tough training and physical demands involved in his profession.

As being in top performance and boosting his athleticism to a consistently high level is his goal, he undergoes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) at ASCI –Asian Stem Cell Institute.

HBOT involves putting the patient inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber where h or she is able to breathe pure oxygen under higher-than-normal pressure. The chamber enables more than the usual amount of oxygen to enter the patient’s lungs, blood, brain and other organs. A session within the hyperbaric chamber is a very relaxing experience that increases a person’s vitality afterwards.

For atheletes like J.C., HBOT offers several benefits:

1.       Increased energy and stamina.

2.       A stronger immune system for fighting infection.

3.       Faster healing and a decrease swelling and inflammation of wounds and other traumatic injuries;

4.       Promotes the growth of new blood vessels; and

5.       Aids the body in eliminating toxins and metabolic waste products

Together, all of these benefits combine to help ensure better athletic performance during training which leads to better results where it counts…on the court

Thus, the results can be seen with JC, I’m very happy with the effects of my hyperbaric chamber therapy at Dr. Puyat’s clinic. I notice that I have increased energy and stamina. My injuries also heal better after the session within the chamber.” He said.

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