It’s rather difficult for people to tell Rose Ferro’s age nowadays, Part of it could be her personality –she’s gentle, calm, soft-spoken, and with a disposition that generates positive vibes. According to her, however, her youthful looks are a result of the regular vitamin infusions she gets from ASCI –Asian Stem Cell Institute.

She didn’t have health conditions or an illness that prompted her to take vitamin infusion therapy, but she had begun seeing and feeling signs of aging, so she looked for a way to regain her health and youthfulness.

“I just noticed that I didn’t have the usual stamina that I previously had. Before, I could work from early morning until late at night. Then, I noticed that I would get sleepy sooner than usual. I would feel tired more easily. I just felt that I wasn’t functioning as well as usual, and I didn’t want to get it worse and affect how I was enjoying life,” she said

Upon consultation at ASCI, Rose’s hormone levels were checked and balanced and several blood test were done to evaluate her state of health. O, and I’m very “After my checkup they told that I would benefit best from Nutritional IV therapy. Now, it’s a regular treatment that I undergo, and I’m very happy with the results.”

“I didn’t just increase my energy and stamina, but I also began to look younger. My skin is now much smoother, and has that youthful glow. People have noticed the difference… It’s hard for them to guess what my real age is.”

“Even my sons are happy with the result of the treatment, and told me they are beaming with pride of their youthful-looking mother.” She smiled.



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