TV personality Cita Revilla-Yabut is relieved that she had herself checked at the Asian Stem Cell Institute (ASCI) mainly because after one of her laboratory test, it was discovered that she had “cancer markers” in her blood.

“My cancer markers levels are actually low. Still, I am glad that I am able to monitor them, so I can track my health in order to prevent cancer in the future.” Said Cita.

Two other conditions that Cita were concerned about was the chronic hoarseness of her voice, and her difficulty in maintaining her weight.

“Since I have a TV show, the sound of my voice, and my overall looks matter –my voice and body have to be in good shape so I can do my job well. I’ve tried other treatments for my voice, but with no good results. Then after I went to see Dr. Cristina Puyat, the checkup revealed that the cause was a hormonal imbalance,” she said.

The hormonal balancing and organic herbal treatments she’s receiving now is designed to treat the hoarseness in her voice and help her maintain her weight. It’s a customized treatment that was designed specifically for her condition and individual physiology. She’s also receiving nutraceutical supplements and vitamins to boost her energy, resistance, and overall health,

I’ve reached a point in my life where I realize it’s also important to invest in myself –for my health and my well-being. So I’m making that investment. I want to be around my loved ones for a long time to come, so I’d like to do what I can to stay healthy and prevent serious illness.”

“Besides my hormonal balancing treatment, Dr. Puyat has also advised me to watch my diet and get regular exercise. It’s dieting that bis a challenge for me because I love to eat. But, I started living a healthy lifestyle as best as I can, which involves having an optimistic attitude, setting aside time for relaxation and changing my mindset so that I cope better with problems and don’t stress myself out with little things,” she said.

To address Cita Revilla’s concerns about the hoarseness of her voice and to help her manage her weight better, the Asian Stem Cell Institute did a round of test that included a measurement of her hormones and screening for cancer markers.

Cancer markers are actually metabolites in the blood; low levels of these metabolites may indicate organ damage. However, high levels of these metabolites may indicate the possibility of cancer. While the presence of these markers at high levels is not diagnostic of cancer, it is a sign that further testing should be done to rule out the condition.

The testing also revealed that she had an imbalance in her hormone levels and a higher than normal level of inflammatory markers. So to correct this, she was given custom-compounded nutritional and herbal supplements and other medicines that specifically addressed her condition.

“No two patients are the same. One patient with a hormonal imbalance would not necessarily benefit from the same treatment that Cita is receiving. This is because each patient’s physiology and condition is unique. This treatment for Cita was especially designed for her and I am excited for Cita and the healthy lifestyle choices she has made,” said Dr. Puyat.



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