While anti-aging medicine does not literally turn back the clock for patients who are advancing, or are already advanced in age, it can reduce or even eliminate, in some cases, symptoms of aging that are causing deterioration and distress in a patient.

The generally accepted notion that all of us who advance in age should expect illnesses and conditions that limit our enjoyment of life is wrong, according to Dr. Puyat.  “Now that cellular, preventive, and anti-aging therapies are available, advancing age is no longer a hindrance to good health and a full of life,” she says.

According to Dr. Puyat, her goal as a physician has always been to find and provide to patients the tools and therapies that produce the greater good.

“It’s not enough that we wait for patients to get sick and then give them drugs or do surgery on them. The high rates of chronic, fatal diseases are proof that this approach is not working as well as it should be,” she said.

This is where preventive and anti-aging medicine holds promise and hope for doctors and patients. If doctors provide patients with therapies that prevent or at least limit the occurrence of illnesses, then patients are saved the cost of having not only spend on expensive medicines and surgery, but end up with a better quality of life as well.

“More importantly, we are providing the education and means to achieve good health and a high quality of life from youth to middle-age to old age. For those with chronic illnesses,

This launch of Dr. Puyat’s Asian Stem Cell Institute helps her celebrate not only her birthday, but the field of anti-aging medicine as well, in that it is where she has gladly found her calling, and according to her, it is a one of the fields in medicine that holds the most exciting possibilities, including her expertise in cellular therapy.

Cellular therapy, besides bone marrow transplantation following irradiation for bone cancers, which has been around for over 50 years, is a fairly new tool in medical science. It is surely destined to become the primary tool used to treat illness and disease in medicine.

The phrase “50 is the new 30” may sound cliché and overused but Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Specialist Cristina Puyat, M.D., defines the phrase via how she looks and moves more like a 20 year-old medical student pursuing modeling than a surgeon who just had her 50th birthday.

She not only defines this notion for herself, but turns Regenerative Medicine into reality for a multitude of satisfied patients who’ve experienced a rebound back to health and youthfulness via her rejuvenative and stem cell treatments.

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