Prestigious World Surgery skin cancer and anti-aging subjects participating ... share the latest knowledge

Daewoong Pharmaceutical (NYSE: LEE) introduced the open `2015 36th World Skin Surgery (International Society for Dermatologic Surgery)` in-house developed botulinum toxin preparations `I Botta 'in Gangnam COEX up to 4 days from the last day he said.

World Skin Surgery has shared the latest findings in this year the prestigious United States, Europe, Japan and the dermatologists of the world's 35 countries with more than 1,000 international conferences on the subject areas of the skin and skin cancer surgery and anti-aging. The event was held in Korea for the first time in Asia.

Daewoong has introduced the excellence of Botha and targets dermatologists and interested parties who participated in the event through a symposium and brand booth.

And Botafogo a rung Shima (Rungsima wanitphakdeedecha) Square professor with the features and I. Botha's `or Botha jaw and calf Clinical Outcomes' symposium in Konkuk University Hospital dermatologist's yiyangwon professor in the Chair of Thailand, Mr. Relax Hospital dermatologist, Philippines Asian Stem Cell Institute dermatologist Maria Cristina puyat (Maria Cristina puyat) announced about this in the `Asian facial features and the morphological and Botha 'experience.

Thai dermatologist rung Shima professor "and had a square jaw and calf clinical results gyeongjaengpum against rapid effect the expression and superior sustainability strengths in targeted areas of Botafogo," he "or Thailand since its launch local dermatologist of the higher growth in the future interests of Botha is expected, "he said.

Konkuk University Hospital dermatologist yiyangwon the "Thailand and through the announcement of the Philippines specialists presented the Asian of leverage and Botha according to face shape new treatment guide, and the effectiveness and safety of Botha and through use cases in various countries I had proved a great significance, "he said.

On the other hand, and Botha are North America, South America and Asia have signed an export contract of over 60 countries, 7000 billion to accelerate its global expansion. The United States, will come out early next year clinical outcome into clinical progress smoothly, five in Europe. After completion of clinical trials through a grant registered in the second half of 2017 and aims to launch in the US, Europe.

Picture: Daewoong Pharmaceutical is `2015 is the 36th in the world Skin Surgery at the center and Botha symposium participated in` Konkuk University Hospital dermatologist's yiyangwon professor (right) and Thailand's Relax Hospital dermatologist rung Shima professor (left) Features and square with me and Botha Botha's chin and calf `` The clinical results are announced. (pictured above)

Botha in the Philippines or dermatologist Symposium of Maria Cristina puyat (Maria Cristina puyat) has been published on the `morphological features and the face of the Asian experience and Botha



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