(Changing Lifestyle And Right Attitude Diet)

Clara Diet – a revolutionary diet that combines intramuscular injection of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ) and 500 calorie diet

A comprehensive consultation with a Medical Doctor who specializes in weight-loss and body shaping. She will help you get rid of your excess fat safely- taking into account your age, weight, shape and lifestyle to make sure no underlying medical reason are preventing you from losing weight.

Slimming Coach – who will advice you on healthy food choices so you never go hungry. This is where healthy eating habits and knowing your portions come into play and also encouragement and reassurance that you will get from your slimming coach who will stay with you from fat to slim. She’ll always be with you as your coach and your partner in achieving the weight and shape you want.



Is the easiest and natural way of meeting your RDA of fiber. It contains 33 ingredients such as:

  • Psyllium and soluble fibers for colon cleansing
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Mixed Fruit and Vegetable fibers including spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass
  • Vitamins & Minerals


Major Benefits of Detox Shake

  • Detoxifies your system in the most natural way using all natural ingredients
  • Cleanses the colon and removes accumulated toxins
  • Maintains and promotes optimum intestinal health
  • Probiotics will strengthen the immune system
  • Improve digestion and synthesis of nutrients and vitamins
  • Assist in lowering cholesterol
  • Boost up your immune system
  • Relieve constipation due to poor eating habits
  • Help to reduce weight
  • Relieve chronic fatigue, skin conditions, aches and pains
  • Help increase your fiber intake giving you a sense of fullness and less craving for sugar
  • No hunger pangs and no need to go on a crash diet.
  • No messy maintenance compared to the available weight reduction medications


Slim & Trim Refreshing Drink

Is a refreshing and novel effervescent drink, with a combination of active ingredients of great value to weight loss and weight maintenance.  Its diuretic, tonic and lipolitic properties are derived from aloe vera, garcinia cambogia, alkelengki, inulin, green tea and green coffee. These are all proven ingredients that help facilitate weight loss and ensure that you keep those pounds off the convenient way.


Benefits of Slim & Trim Refreshing Drink

  • Detoxify hepato-billiary affections and helps negate the build-up of toxins and its accumulation
  • Coadjuvant in weight reduction due to its diuretic and lipolytic power
  • Limits the absorption of sugars and fats which is one of the main causes of weight gain
  • Produces a satiating effect and inhibits biosynthesis of lipidic components
  • It generates an increase in lipid transport & oxidation in the mitochondria that will form into energy reserves in cases of fasting



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