Body & Face Shaping Solutions

Using revolutionary microtechnology, Cellustimelectronicallysimulates the body's impulses to reshape the Body and rejuvenate the Face.

What is the Cellustim?

Many functions of the body are controlled by neurological electrical impulses.

These impulses are transmitted naturally by the brain to specific organs.

The Cellustim Programs simply imitate each one of these specific impulses in order to produce a range of different results such as slimming, muscle tone, workout, cellulite reduction, non surgical facelift and many more.

How does it work?

Each Cellustim Program will send out the appropriate sequence of signals to produce the correct treatment parameters. For example, when you exercise, natural impulses cause your muscles to contract and relax. The Cellustim simulates these natural impulses to make the muscles contract and relax in a pattern, similar to normal exercise, but with a lower risk of strain or fatigue. Therefore, Cellustim exercise can be more targeted, more prolonged and more efficient than even traditional physical exercise.


11 Cellustim Programs for Simultaneous Shaping:


Cellustim ES Lymphatic Drainage




  • The revolutionary CELLUSTIM, self-adjusting, tailor-made, Physio Sequential Rotating Programs provide you with the most versatile and reliable body shaping unit in the world.
  • The unique Ultrawave Signal delivers a totally efficient pulse to the body, thus increasing comfort and stimulating 100% Muscle Fibre and Connective Tissue.
  • The combination of the Ultrawave signal and the special CELLUSTIM Monophasic pulse also allows you to use gels and preparations with active ingredients to complement the treatment and obtain even more spectacular results.
  • During active exercise, your muscles train comprehensively by performing a whole range of movements which are an integral part of that particular exercise. However repetitive the exercise, it involves various sequences of different amplitude and effect.
  • In order to imitate this natural type of muscle activity, Ultratone has introduced programs which will vary the length of the contraction and relaxation times and change the frequency, ramp time pulse width automatically.
  • Each program has been designed to produce exercise cycles best suited to the particular treatment desired. As in normal exercise, a warm up and warm down mode has been incorporated to ensure the healthy toning of the muscles.





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