U.S. resident Gilberto Munoz opted from stem cell therapy after he sustained injuries in his spinal disc (the jelly like cartilage in-between the vertebral bones). The resulting symptoms included back pain, pain in his lower back and numbness down in his left leg, foot, and toes. These conditions prevented him from performing his job, which is shoeing horses.

“I [had] collapsed, and I[had] pain down my legs, especially my left leg, numbness and pain down to my feet,” he said, recalling his condition before being treated at ASCI.

The symptoms limited his physical activity. He could no longer do any lifting, jogging, running or other strenuous and complex movements.

“I didn’t want to do any major surgery. I had something wrong in three levels of my spine,” he said. ,  Realizing the extent of his injuries, Munoz, sought alternative treatments to surgery.

Through his brother-in-law, he learned about stem cell therapy. “He searched the Internet,” said Munoz, until his brother-in-law found the ASCI website.

So Munoz flew in to the Philippines to get this stem cell treatment at ASCI. I was hoping that stem cell therapy would regenerate the dics,” He said. Dr. Cri Puyat and her team administered stem cell therapy on him following other treatments that prepared his body to receive the stem cells.

Now that he’s back in the U.S., Munoz reported a great improvement of his condition. The most impressive result of Munoz’ stem cell therapy at ASCI is that from simply shoeing horses he is now racing horses. From just walking, he has resumed almost all of the physical activities he enjoys.

“I feel so much better now. While I can’t say that I have regained everything one hundred percent, I am now recovering well,” he said.

Autologous Stem Cell Therapy was successfully provided to Mr. Munoz at the Asian Stem Cell Institute (ASCI) using the “The Pillars of Regenerative Medicine,” namely Detoxification, Custom-Compounded Herbal Medicines and Nutraceuticals, Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing and adjunctive treatments like Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

“Every Stem Cell patient at ASCI receives the whole gamut of anti-aging medicine. Prior, during and following therapy, we create the most ideal niche for the patient’s own stem cells to grow in. We are trying to make the body’s terrain more fertile –so that stem cells will “take” optimally. Detoxification and bio-identical hormone balancing prepare the body and maintain it at the most optimal environment for Autologous Stem Cells to regenerate,” according to Dr. Cristina Puyat, MD., founder and Medical Director of ASCI.

While eating well is always prescribed, most patients can’t help that processed foods creep into their daily intake, thus herbal-based nutraceuticals antioxidants, and nutritional IV therapy are prescribed by ASCI to detoxify and i the nutritional levels of the patient.

Mr. Munoz encountered amazing benefits from his “dual source” treatment of Autologous Bone Marrow and Autologous Adipose-Derived stem cells for his Degenerative Disc Disease. The team at ASCI still encourages him to attend regular HBOT Treatments. “Pure oxygen under the healing pressures greater than 1.4 atm helps the healing process and prepares the body before, during, and after stem cell infusions. Hyperbaric Oxygen has a lot of benefits: studies show it enhances wound healing, increases the number of stem cells inside the bone marrow, and can promote the growth of new blood vessels,” says  Dr. Puyat.



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