One child’s journey out of autism

Shawn and Brad Tidwell of Alaska, USA, like all parents, wanted to teach their 5-year-old son Caleb so much about the world. They eagerly awaited his progress each day, having fun and learning just like other children. So it was both with shock and emotional distress that they received the news that he had autism.


Autism Spectrum Disorder or Autism occurs when the brain develops in unusual way, making it hard for autistic person to have a sense of the world. Kids with autism have trouble in learning the meaning of words.

They tend to do the same thing over and over, like saying the same word, moving his or her arms or body in a certain way. They have trouble adjusting to changes. 

Locked inside himself, Caleb never really understood the terms right or wrong; yes or no – he was unable to control his emotions nor remain focused in the outside world. His parents took him to specialist after specialist, with no discernable results.

Compared to other children his age, Caleb was not high-functioning; and he was becoming more and more aggressive with other children in pre-school. Eventually, the school would no longer accept Caleb as one of its students.

With this development, Shawn and Bradley took charge of finding a better solution for their precious Caleb, reading and researching and browsing through the Internet. They pursued alternative treatments for their so-called “incurable” child. She took away gluten preservatives, sugar, and other ingredients from his diet but still nothing seemed to work                   

One day, Shawn came across the Website of the Asian Stem Cell Institute (ASCI), which is based in the Philippines. After getting in touch with ASCI through email and getting informed about stem cell therapy offered there, they decided bring Caleb to ASCI for Stem Cell Therapy.

ASCI and its founder, Cristina Puyat, MD., accepted 5 year-old Caleb as a patient, so the family made a journey from Alaska, USA to Pasig, Metro Manila in the Philippines. After a thorough consult and evaluation, Caleb was treated in July 2011 with multiple infusions of his own autologous stem cells that Dr. Puyat derived and activated from Caleb’s limited fat sources.

Within a day, Caleb’s mother immediately noticed Caleb’s improvement, but was skeptical of the results. Treatments continued for one week: intrathecal injections, IV infusions, nutritional IV supplementation, intranasal sprays and localized injections, and then the family was ready for their return to the USA.

Caleb’s mother was ecstatic, noticing more eye contact within days and within one week after the treatment she proclaimed via email, “We are already noticing little things… big improvements in eye contact and response time… Caleb is just looking at everything, like really looking…he seems to be more “in tune” with his surroundings.” Caleb had seen the light and was on his road to recovery.

Improvements continue to this day. In a recent email dated June 3, 2013 Caleb’s mother wrote:

“I currently recommend stem cell treatments to people all the time. There are no guarantees what help will get from them, but the changes we saw were worth every penny. Some of the things that changed immediately wore off after awhile, which make me think several treatments would bring about better results. But almost every gain we had was kept. I’m a true believer in stem cell treatments for autism.”

Caleb is now able to participate in normal activities like throwing a ball back and forth with another individual. He is now able to catch a ball when thrown at him. “He will chase us now (where as before it was only us that chased him).” 

Another positive outcome after Caleb’s treatment at ASCI is his much-improved memory. He can now spell and write his own name. His interest and passion for computers has developed incredibly as well. 

“We have begun saving money so that we can possibly come back for another round of stem cell treatments. We are not exactly sure how long it will take us to save up, but we are beginning to save again,” said Shawn. 





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