Mr. Puyat: Since 1957 I have been involved in management of various forms of enterprises. In 2003, when I was scheduled district governor of district 3800. Incidentally I joined my rotary club, in the Rotary Club of Mandaluyong on 1981 when my late father Senate President Gil Puyat died.

During the beginning of this year, when I encountered bladder and prostate gland problems which hospitalized me for a couple of days which hospitalized me for a couple of days. And then just before the end of the month I was again hospitalized because I had passed out. Luckily there was no problem with my heart, no problem with my brain. However, these occurrences put in doubt my continued activity in Rotary (Club). Luckily, my daughter-in-law, Dr. Cristina Alcaraz-Puyat, had opportunities to visit me during my hospitalization and review my medical chart. She found out that I have problems with my heart, kidney, and with diabetes.

And being a stem cell practitioner, she came to the conclusion that Stem Cell Therapy would be helpful with my condition. I underwent the therapy during the last week of April.

In only one and a half month, I would like to share with you that I havwe felt a recovery in my energy. The recovery of my interest in other people, in other events...

Mrs. Puyat: Normally he has that pain. SO when he stood up to go out, he wasn't actually leaning on me. And when we got into the lobby he said, "I can't even feel pain."

Mr. Puyat: And most importantly, my blood and urine chemistries have shown tremendous improvements. My hypertension medicine has been cut in half.

"...medicine ko dati 300g. Di ko na kailangang. 150g na lang…"

And me keratin level which was about 2 has now been reduced to only 1.5

"...latest ECG: walang irregular."

Woman: Ilang weeks po after nung stem cell

"Two weeks lang."

And I have not to increase my diabetes medicines and just keep them to a minimum level. With this renewed attitude now, I am confident that I will be able to resume my active service to Rotary (Club), to my country, to our people, and hopefully I wll be able to continue my advocacy on the Concentrated Language Encounter. Thank you.



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