Lady Doctor: Sharp, sharp, and this is dull. 

Doug Prather: Okay.

Lady Doctor: Ready? Tell me if you feel sharp, dull, or nothing, okay.

Doug Prather: Okay. That feels dull.

Other guy: So there's no movement? So if we can get some movement down there. If I can get some movement there... I can do therapy

Injured guy: Obviously you got spinal cord damage and they're telling me that you're probably going to be in a wheel chair for the rest of your life. There ain't no way, I ain't gonna be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life. I ain't gonna settle for it, you know? I travelled from Modesto, California to the facility here, close to Manila in the Philippines. I've been real happy that I came ever since I got off the airplane, somebody from the stem cell institute here, met me at the airport and took me to my hotel.

And the neighborhood is great, the people at the hotel is great, the staff here, everybody's been wonderful. It's just like I got new friends. Everybody has just been just really good. And as far as the treatments go, I couldn't be more than happy. I highly recommend them. Thank you very much and everybody has been real nice, thank you.

Helping beyond what I could have expected you to do. Thank you very much.

I'm very happy that I came.

I have got very small, slight movement from my big left toe. This is the first time I have moved my toe since the hang gliding accident on January 12, 2011. Thank you all at the Asian Stem Cell Institute! It's beginning to work. The feelings are also still improving in my legs and toes and everything from the waist down.

April 7, 2013 via Email: Hi than you it is always good to hear from you, thank you, I'm still improving, still only slight movement in my toes, but still getting more feelings and getting stronger. Feels awesome to be back in the air and you having helped me to get much more of my feelings back.

Via Youtube:

Thank you; hope you are all doing well. I get to fly tomorrow. I am still getting more tough sensation all the way to my feet. Thank you all and God bless.

Via Youtube comment: Just a quick update, I am still getting more feelings and getting stronger in the legs, near normal feelings from the knees up, can feel the carpet under my feet for the first time in almost three years now, getting bladder controls back, the stem cells are still working. God bless you all there at the Asian Stem Cell Institute.



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