Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) - is the medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure. The equipment required consists of a pressure chamber, which may be of rigid or flexible construction, and a means of delivering 100% oxygen.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

  • increased pressure, combined with an increase in oxygen to one hundred percent, dissolves oxygen in the blood plasma and all body cells, tissues and fluids at up to ten times normal concentration;
  • greatly increases oxygen concentration in all body tissues, even with reduced or blocked blood flow;
  • stimulates growth of new blood vessels to locations with reduced circulation, including areas of arterial blockage;
  • aids treatment of infection by enhancing white blood cell action;
  • aids in treatment of chronic degenerative health problems related to atherosclerosis, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, diabetic ulcers, wound healing, preparation for skin grafting, cerebral palsy, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, delayed radiation injury, macular degeneration, decompression sickness (commonly known as “the bends”), air embolism, and other rare infections and poisonings;
  • any area where blood flow and oxygen delivery to vital organs is reduced, function and healing can be aided. When the brain is injured by stroke, CP, or trauma, HBOT may activate stunned parts of the brain to restore function;
  • results can be dramatic, especially in patients with cerebral vascular disease who commonly recover from complications of stroke more readily after HBOT. This is also true for potentially gangrenous legs and feet caused by blocked circulation—especially in diabetics—and slow-healing diabetic ulcers; HBOT relieves pain, helps fight infection, and keeps threatened tissues alive.





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